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Stylish and durable dog toys made from top quality upholstery fabric. The perfect gift for your dog.

Are dog toys safe?

As a pet owner you should always remember that for canines a dog toy is more of a necessity than a simple treat. Dog toys are designed to improve the well-being of your furry friend, helping them fight boredom and comforting them when they’re anxious. Toys could also be a way to stir your dog away from problematic behaviours.

As dogs are more likely to see most objects they come across as a toy, take care to supervise them during play time to ensure their dog toys don’t do more harm than good. You need to consider the size of your dog and how active they are before deeming whether their dog toys are safe.

Most dogs will be attracted to small, inedible objects lying around as the most likely plaything, so make sure to keep any ribbons, strings, children toys and socks out of reach to prevent chocking or canine tummy troubles. You should use similar considerations when buying dog toys as well – if they are too small, they can easily become a different type of treat or even get stuck in your pet’s throat.

If your dog enjoys playing with stuffed animals or other soft dog toys, make sure they haven’t got any strings or ‘body parts’ that can be ripped off and swallowed. Similarly, if the toy is torn open and starts to break down, replace it with a new one to keep your canine from ingesting the filling as even ‘safe’ stuffing can cause digestion problems.

How to clean dog toys?

You’ve seen you dog play with their toys – they use their paws and mouth and roll the toy all over the floor. Really, it’s no surprise that dog toys get dirty in no time. So how do you keep them clean? Instead of using regular cleaning products which might contain chemicals harmful for your pet, we recommend hand washing their toys with an organic solution.

Baking soda, white vinegar and natural detergents are all safe for cleaning your dog toys. Instead of putting the toys in the washing machine, whip up a nifty DIY cleaning solution of water and vinegar, then soak the toy in it. For extra filthy playthings, a sprinkling of baking soda can help you scour the dirt off.

Letting the dog toys air dry in the sun is best, but if that’s not an option you can always use the air-only or low setting of your dryer.

What dog toys are the best?

There’s a number of benefits to dog toys. They facilitate physical exercise and play, allowing canines to bond with their owners through spending quality time together. Dog toys are also great for providing your furry friend with the mental stimulation then need, helping them keep entertained or even easing their anxiety.

According to experts, dogs need to have more than one type of toy, so they can choose the right one depending on their mood. Chewy and squeezable toys will help your pet destress, while soft dog toys are an outlet for they gentler instincts. Squeakies are perfect if your furry friends likes to attack, while balls, tugs and Frisbees are ideal for the times you play together in the park.

What are the best dog toys for puppies?

Puppies are even more playful and curious than older dogs, so it’s key to keep them stimulated with a bounty of dog toys. But how do you choose the best toys for your puppy with so many options available?

If you are a new pup parent, it’s best to pick up a couple of different types and see which one your tiny canine prefers. If your puppy has strong teeth, get them a chew toy – they are very durable and great for relieving pressure. Soft dog toys, on the other hand, are perfect for gentler dogs and smaller breeds. The cleverest youngsters can also keep their minds stimulated with a puzzle toy.