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Article: Autumn Home Interior Trends 2023: Comfort, Cosiness and Sustainability

Autumn Home Interior Trends 2023: Comfort, Cosiness and Sustainability
2023 trends

Autumn Home Interior Trends 2023: Comfort, Cosiness and Sustainability

As we usher in the autumn season, it's time to embrace the latest interior design trends that focus on comfort, warmth and sustainability. 

This autumn trends centre around a refreshing blend of natural materials, earthy tones, and pet-friendly designs that promise to transform your home into a haven of calm.

Whether you're planning to redecorate or just want to add a touch of the season to your space, here are the top 5 trends to consider for your autumn home interior in 2023.

1. The rise of pet-friendly interior design

The trend of pet-friendly interior design is on the rise and is expected to continue well into 2023. With more people adopting pets, there's a growing need for our homes and spaces to be functional for both people and pets. 

Experts emphasise the importance of choosing durable, pet-friendly furniture to create dedicated spaces for your pets to relax. As the temperatures drop, it's even more important to keep warm and that includes our pets, especially elderly or short haired breeds. Investing in a good quality dog bed will provide years of orthopaedic support to your dog while they sleep. 

dog sleeping in sherbourne nest bed

2. Comfort and luxury for all

This time of year is the right time to invest in comfort and luxury for both you and your pets. Embrace the cooler months by indulging in soft, warm fabrics that make your space a cocooning haven.

Spoil your dog with a new nest bed designed for their ultimate comfort. These beds not only provide warmth and cosiness but also make for a stylish statement in your home.

3. Inject a pop of colour to your living space

Many of us choose to keep our homes light and neutral, but a pop of colour can instantly uplift your interior. Look out for our new collections of dog beds designed to fit seamlessly into your decor. 

4. Earthy tones paired with warm neutrals

Autumn is synonymous with earthy tones, rich hues of gold and red, as well as warm neutrals. In 2023, these colours are making a significant comeback in interior design. To transition your home from summer to autumn, simply layer in warmer, richer colours that evoke the cosy feeling of the season. 

You can also weave in the rich colours and textures of nature to create a welcoming ambiance that invites calm into your home. Whether it's through textiles, decoration or even the colour on your walls, earthy hues can bring an autumnal atmosphere to your space.

home interior decorations

5. Sustainable interior design trends

In 2023, sustainability is at the forefront of interior design trends. There's a growing awareness of the impact of fast fashion and non-sustainable materials on our planet. 

For eco-conscious consumers, it's crucial to choose products that are built to last, made using sustainable materials. Our luxury dog beds are crafted using materials sourced from suppliers across Europe who specialise in sustainability. What's more, these beds are packed using recycled ocean plastics, which helps reduce and reuse plastic pollution from our oceans.

Another trend this season we are expecting to see is green and natural tones blended into our interiors as a way to incorporate nature into our homes. From textured upholstery fabrics like our Richmond collection to adding some green through house plants, bringing nature indoors is a trend that many are choosing to adopt.

If you do decide to add some plants to your home, be careful of species that are toxic to dogs. Find out which plants and flowers are toxic to dogs so you know which ones to avoid at the garden centre.

two dogs share a nest bed

Whether you're looking for earthy tones, cosy fabrics, or sustainable materials, there are plenty of options in every price bracket that make your home a welcoming and stylish haven for the autumn. 

So, what do you think of the 2023 autumn interior trends? Are you making any changes to your home interior? Let us know in the comments below!

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