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Spoil a dog, save a dog - Supporting shelters with every purchase...

Ralph & Co's new campaign supports shelters with every purchase

We are actively supporting shelters around the world with every purchase. 

Last year on Giving Tuesday, we donated beds designed to help alleviate anxiety in dogs to our local shelter, Many Tears Animal Rescue. We were able to tour their facilities and meet their dogs. Seeing the amazing work they do to care for the dogs and puppies at the shelter to give them loving, forever homes inspired us to do more to help animals in need.

That’s why from December 2023, we’ve partnered with 8 incredible animal rescues to help you give a little extra until 1st July 2024. We’ll be gifting a percentage of the sales from every product* to your chosen charity so that we can all play a part in improving the lives of dogs around the world. 

 *excludes sale items

How it works

Taking part is simple, all you need to do is add the promo code for your chosen rescue as you’re checking out with your dog’s treats, and best of all, you’ll also receive a 15% discount.

We believe that an important part of being in this industry is giving back and ensuring that dogs have comfortable, happy lives. So, when you buy one of our beds, collars, leads or blankets, you help fund life saving care for dogs around the world.

See the different rescues you can help us support below:

A black dog sits in two Balmoral nest beds sat inside of one another


1. Many Tears Animal Rescue

Use the code ‘MANYTEARS15’ for 15% off* (*excludes sale items), plus we’ll support Many Tears Animal Rescue

Many Tears take in and rehome primarily ex-breeding dogs, dogs in the pound who would otherwise be euthanized, and those whose owners are no longer able to keep them.

They are a unique rescue in that the majority of their dogs were used for breeding and likely have never seen the outside world before. With the help of staff, fosterers and other volunteers, the rescue provides a special and loving environment to help all these dogs adapt and find permanent, loving new homes.

The rescue has grown considerably since it first opened and now homes in excess of 3,000 dogs annually.

A greyhound sleeps in the Balmoral nest bed

2. Greyhound Trust, South West Wales

Use the code ‘GREYHOUND15’ for 15% off* (*excludes sale items), plus we’ll support Greyhound Trust, South West Wales 

Dedicated to rehoming ex-racing Greyhounds in Wales, this is the only Greyhound Trust branch in Wales. They find loving homes for as many retired racing greyhounds as possible across the country.

Every greyhound deserves to be loved as someone’s pet and enjoy their retirement to the full.

One of our dog models, Lulu who was rescued by Harbin SHS, is sitting in a Richmond nest bed

3. Harbin SHS

Use the code ‘HARBINSHS15’ for 15% off* (*excludes sale items), plus we’ll support Harbin SHS

Harbin Slaughterhouse Survivors saves dogs from the dog meat trade and other cruelty in Harbin, China. As there are no legislative protections yet in place for animals in China, they dedicate their efforts to rescuing animals from the illegal black-market Meat Trade, along with local abuse, neglect and abandonment cases. They also work with the local community to help offer work opportunities, education, and support.

Two of our own Ralph & Co ambassadors were rescued by this incredible charity Lulu the miniature poodle was rescued from a dog meat truck in 2021, and Teddie the cocker spaniel was also adopted from the rescue in 2018.

Two rescued dogs sit in the Lincoln nest bed together

4. West Wales Poundies

Use the code ‘POUNDIES15’ for 15% off* (*excludes sale items), plus we’ll support West Wales Poundies

West Wales Poundies are a small registered charity dedicated to saving the lives of dogs in council pounds. After dogs arrive at the pound, UK dogs have just 7 days to be claimed by their owners. After the 7 days have passed, if there is space available, they go into the care of West Wales Poundies Dog Rescue. If there isn't space, they may be put down.

West Wales Poundies provides a lifeline to the pound dogs who aren’t claimed and give them a second chance at a loving home.

A black and white German Shepherd dog rescued by ELI for Animals naps in a Balmoral nest bed

5. ELI for Animals

Use the code ‘ELI15’ for 15% off* (*excludes sale items), plus we’ll support ELI for Animals

ELI for Animals is more than just a shelter for stray and neglected animals in Romania - they provide life saving care and permanent sanctuary to all kinds of dogs, including those with health conditions and traumatised dogs that are unable to be rehomed.

The rescue also dedicate their time to spay and neuter programmes to help end the suffering of stray dogs and cats in Romania. They act as a lifeline for animals in need and work to save as many dogs, including old and scared dogs, abandoned in public shelters.

One of our dog models, Obie who was rescued by SPDC sits in a Hampton nest bed

6. Saving Pound Dogs Cyprus

Use the code ‘SPDC15’ for 15% off* (*excludes sale items), plus we’ll support SPDC Cyprus

SPDC stands for Saving Pound Dogs Cyprus and is a charitable, non-profit organisation in Cyprus, which is dedicated to rescuing and rehoming stray dogs to loving homes in the UK, Germany and Cyprus. With a ‘no-kill’ policy, this shelter focuses on rehabilitation and believes that no case is hopeless and their guiding principle is that every dog should be given the chance to find a forever home.

SPDC Rescue UK is the UK registered charity that raises funds to support the running costs of the Cyprus sanctuary, and also our foster dogs already in the UK.

A dachshund rescued from Hope Rescue sits in a Balmoral nest bed

7. Hope Rescue

Use the code ‘HOPE15’ for 15% off* (*excludes sale items), plus we’ll support Hope Rescue

Since 2005, Hope Rescue has been saving the lives of stray, abandoned and unwanted dogs that, through no fault of their own, need a second chance. 

They commit to taking all the stray dogs from six Local Authorities in South Wales - Merthyr Tydfil, Torfaen, Blaenau Gwent, Rhondda Cynon Taf, Bridgend and the western half of the Vale of Glamorgan - irrespective of their age, breed or medical condition.

A dog is lying in a Lincoln nest bed

8. Wild at Heart Foundation

Use the code ‘WILD15’ for 15% off* (*excludes sale items), plus we’ll support Wild at Heart Foundation

Wild at Heart Foundation aims to compassionately reduce the global stray dog population; to end the suffering and improve the welfare of abandoned, unwanted, and vulnerable stray dogs overseas, as well as supporting welfare and education work in the UK.

Dedicated to providing emergency aid to rescues in Mexico, Greece, India, South Africa, South Korea and more, this charity does not discriminate in their mission to help save dogs all over the world.


    Thank you for helping us provide comfort for your dogs and those in need!