Brand New Collar & Lead

Our brand new Etna Fabric & Leather Set is here! 

We’re proud to announce the arrival of our brand new collar, lead and poo bag holder - the Etna (just in time for Christmas!). 

Etna Collar

Finished in a beautiful red tone, the Etna Collar and Lead set is guaranteed to turn heads on your next walk and will look especially lovely on ruby, sandy, and black and white coats. 

The Etna creates a fifth set in our Fabric & Leather range, adding a bright pop of festive red to a lovely palette of colours - blue, light grey, brown and black. 

This set features luxury Italian leather and premium quality upholstery fabric. It’s designed using a beautiful red fabric with matching velvety red Italian nubuck leather detailing. They’re also made using extra strong internal webbing, buckles and fixings, therefore provide a stylish and durable collar for every day.

Red Etna Fabric & Leather Set

The other benefits? 

  • Ethically sourced - vegetable tanned Italian leather from Tuscan tanneries
  • Made with Italian buckles which are strong and weather resistant
  • The beautiful texture is soft for your dog to wear
  • Easy to keep clean - wipe down or a cool machine wash will keep this range looking new

Shop the Etna Fabric & Leather set here.


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