Going Green: Our commitment to a more sustainable future

With an ever-growing emphasis on sustainability and protecting the environment, we’ve been making some big changes at Ralph & Co. What was once unwanted plastic bottles, is now transformed into our new comfy dog bed filling!

All of our Herringbone and Chenille dog beds are now filled with 100% recycled plastic. Each bed is filled with recycled polyester transformed from up to 360 old plastic bottles. 

Here’s a little infographic to give you the breakdown:

Being recycled doesn’t mean we compromise on comfort. In fact, thanks to the high level of elasticity in our recycled filling, our dog beds are just as cosy as ever and will maintain their shape and comfort - even after washing. Offering the same great quality for your dog, just a little kinder to our planet

It’s just the first step to our future as a more sustainable brand.


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