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Article: Luxurious stays for you and your dog - here's why you need a luxury dog bed in your dog friendly holiday let

Loki the Dalmatian sits on the Richmond pillow bed
dog bed

Luxurious stays for you and your dog - here's why you need a luxury dog bed in your dog friendly holiday let

We recently partnered with Dog Furiendly (@dogfuriendly on Instagram) who offer an extensive list of dog friendly accommodation and attractions right here in the UK.

In a recent survey, we revealed that the majority (97%) of owners take their dog on holidays and staycations at least once but up to five times each year. They said they wanted their dog to be treated like a guest too, with their comfort needs fully addressed. More than a third (36%) of people with dogs would also be more likely to book a stay if a clean and comfortable dog bed is provided. 

We asked a nation of dog lovers, this is what they said...

It’s clear to see that pets are part of the family and catering for their holiday experience goes a long way. In the Paws for Snores survey, 61% of people with dogs did not think accommodation providers were taking their dog’s comfort into account as much as they should. 

With over half (55%) of owners saying the extra cost of bringing your dog on holiday was not justified for what is usually provided by the accommodation, there is opportunity for holiday lets who do cater to their canine guests to really shine.

Adele, Founder of Dog Furiendly, says: "The experience of a holiday begins not just with human comfort but also with the comfort of our furry family members. Offering a luxury dog bed in your holiday let isn't just an 'extra'—it's a statement that you understand the bond between people and their pets. In our community, we find that accommodations with such thoughtful additions receive not only higher bookings but also more heartfelt reviews. After all, a happy dog makes for a happy owner!"

Luxury travel partners across the UK

To help you find the perfect holiday spots for you and your dog, we’ve launched a partnership with dog friendly accommodations that offer memorable holidays, where your dog is considered a guest too.

Loki the Dalmatian on the Richmond pillow by the fire on holiday at the yurt

There are many reasons why a dog friendly accommodation can benefit from purchasing a good quality dog bed to offer their guests’ pets. We can assist with choosing the correct bed for your space, and offer support with social media and promotion in our newsletter.

Less hair, more love

Alison Manners, who runs a dog friendly holiday let in the heart of Somerset, says: “Since the pandemic, we noticed a rise in people looking to bring their pets with them on holiday. The idea of a staycation really took off during the pandemic, when international travel was halted. As dog lovers ourselves, we always welcomed pets here at Bailiff’s Cottage and were eager to accommodate them.” 

Unfortunately she said she did see a rise in dog hair, and any owner will know how tricky it is to remove pet hair from furniture and bedding.

“We initially bought a couple of nest beds because they perfectly matched the interior of our luxury holiday cottage and complemented the space so well. When they arrived, we loved the quality and so did our guests. After a few months we even noticed less pet hair on furniture as the dogs who were visiting preferred to sleep in the dog bed. Now we need to get some for our own dogs and finally get our settee back!”

Dachshund dog sitting in Balmoral nest bed on holiday

Supporting local brands

Beth Robinson who manages Welsh Farm Glamping goes the extra mile, offering her four legged guests a goody bag full of treats as well as a luxury pillow bed to snooze on in peace as the sunlight filters into the Country yurt.  

She said: “There is no way we'd choose to go on a wild adventure and leave behind our four-legged family. So when we created our glamping getaways, we knew they had to be dog friendly (or we'd be offering a double standard - and that's a no-go for us!)

"At Welsh Farm Glamping, we believe in honouring Wales for its romantic and rugged landscapes to the rich heritage in crafts, food and wildlife. We choose to stock Welsh brands and support local businesses, so we were glad to partner with Ralph and Co and offer their beds for dogs who come to stay. What could be more irresistible than an exquisite dog bed for your dog, in a luxury Glamping hideaways?”

Join our travel partner network today!

If you’re a dog friendly holiday let looking to offer your canine guests a bit of luxury during their stay, please get in touch as we offer discounts when buying multiple beds. We also offer a free interior design consultation to help you choose the right dog bed to complement the space and your existing colour scheme. 

Don’t forget to check out the comprehensive list of dog friendly attractions in your area on Dog Furiendly. You can also see the full results from our survey below.

infographic showing the results from the paws for snores survey


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