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Article: The best country walks to take with your dog

The best country walks to take with your dog

The best country walks to take with your dog

A weekend walk with your dog is a great way to clear your head after a busy week. Spending some time in nature and detaching from the hustle and bustle of everyday life is not only rewarding and stimulating for your dog, but it can also be a real mental boost for you too!

The UK boasts many scenic destinations that are perfect for a countryside stroll, but we’ve handpicked the best walking spots across the country where your dog is welcome too.

Stretch your legs in the Lake District

Whether you’re on staycation in the Lake District or you live locally, there are a huge variety of walks to complete with different difficulty levels. Whether you’re after an elevated hike, or a leisurely lakeside stroll - there’s a walk suitable for you and your furry friend.  

For stunning views across Windermere Lake, try the west shore walk, starting at the Harrowslack National Trust car park. This dog-friendly walk is moderately challenging and can take anywhere from an hour and a half to three hours. While hiking, enjoy views of the Islands of Windermere and Wray Castle. Head to the National Trust for full route details.

While the Lake District is a great place to take a walk with your dog, it’s important to ensure you are cautious about the local wildlife, and how your dog may react to this. You may come across farmers' livestock or nesting birds on your walks, so it’s best to keep your dog on a lead to avoid disturbing them.

Two dogs by a lake

Wander along the Welsh coast

Pembrokeshire in the West of Wales is renowned for its stunning beaches and quaint seaside towns. One of the region's most impressive beaches is Barafundle Bay, which is often regarded as one of the world’s best beaches.

Barafundle Bay sits between Stackpole Quay and Stackpole Head and it can only be accessed by cliff paths. Start at Stackpole Quay and follow the coastal paths until you reach the path down to the beach. Barafundle Bay is dog-friendly so if your pup loves splashing in the water or rolling in the hand, take a beachside break.

Once you’ve got your toes sandy and enjoyed the cool beach air, head back up the cliff path and follow the coast along to Stackpole head, enjoying the breathtaking coastal views as you go.

Explore the Midlands countryside 

If you’re after a dog-friendly walk in the Midlands, Croome in Worcestershire is great fun for your four-legged companion. The parkland welcomes all dogs to its outdoors areas, so you will have plenty of space to explore with your dog.

Croome is home to Croome Court, a Grade I listed historic house, as well as a RAF museum and lots of parkland and outdoor space. The park has a combination of open fields and wooded areas, so there’s something to suit all dogs.

For owners, the parkland hosts some impressive scenic views, so make sure to snap a picture!

South West strolls

The South West is a prime spot for tourists as it is home to some of the UK’s best beaches. But, if you’re not blessed with the weather or lounging on the beach all day just isn’t your scene, there is plenty of beautiful countryside to explore.

From the rolling Cotswold hills to the coastal paths of Cornwall, there are walks in the region wherever you’re based.

A must-do if you’re in Devon is the Heddon Valley in the North of Devon. You can take a light stroll around Heddon’s Mount in around an hour, so it's perfect for older or smaller dogs.

The picturesque walk takes you through woodlands along the River Heddon to where the river meets the sea. Alongside the scenic views, the walk takes you around some of the country’s highest cliffs.

There’s also lots of wildlife in the area, with otters and insects calling the Heddon Valley home.

dog with frisbee on the beach

Take a hike in the North East

In the UK we’re lucky to have fantastic scenery in every region, and the North West is no exception. In fact, Cragside in Northumberland is not only a fantastic walk for your furry friend, but there’s things to do for the whole family.

Cragside is a Victorian country house dating back to the 1800s. The house itself is architecturally impressive, however it's also Britain’s first smart home. It was the home of William Armstrong, the scientist and philanthropist and it’s illuminated with hydro-electricity and powered by hydraulics.

While a scientific masterpiece of a country home may not seem like an exciting day out for your pup, the land surrounding Cragside is completely dog-friendly. Cragside can be found on a rocky outcrop and there are 14 walks to take around the 1000 acre estate.

At Cragside you’ll also find some resident deer and red squirrels, so you’ll need to keep your dog on a lead to avoid disturbing any wildlife.

Leave each place as you find it

Wherever you choose to walk, remember not to leave anything behind! Pick up after yourself and your dog and leave each place exactly as you found it. You want to ensure the area remains clean so it can be enjoyed by other walkers.

Most areas will have a designated bin for dog waste, but if you can’t find somewhere to dispose of it properly, don’t just leave it behind. Plastic can be especially harmful to the local wildlife so make sure you always dispose of your waste properly.

What is your favourite country walk? Let us know! 

Ralph & Co. Team

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