Nubuck Dog Lead - Como

£44.99 GBP
Key Features
  • Luxury material - Velvet like surface. Top-grain buffed Italian cattle leather
  • Modern design - A timeless classic
  • Comfort and style - Soft to touch yet hardwearing
  • Italian buckles - Strong and weather resistant
  • Easy to clean - wipe down or cool machine wash
  • Designed in Great Britain, handmade in Italy
  • Matching collar also available

Full Description

This stunning Como rose red nubuck leather dog lead is of the finest quality. Nubuck is top-grain cattle leather that has been buffed on the outside, to give a slight nap of short protein fibres, producing a velvet like surface. This process makes it resistant to wear and tear and more comfortable for your dog. Adding that extra touch of luxury and durability.

Our Como lead is a beautiful colour of rose red and is available in two sizes - Thin and Regular

All leads are made with solid brass buckles that are resistant to rust and are extremely sturdy. Matching collars are also available.

Size Guide


Thin 110cm 1.5cm

Regular 110cm 2.5cm

    Designer nest, cushion and pillow dog beds

    Do dogs need a bed?

    Contrary to the popular notion that dogs can curl up for a snooze anywhere, dogs actually need beds just as humans do. Sleeping on the floor can be detrimental to the health of your pet, and even if you clean the house often, it’s not the most hygienic place for them to sleep.

    For your furry friend having a dog bed means having a space of their own where they can retreat to and nest. Dog beds also double as a sofa for your pet, so they can lounge in front of the telly right beside you, without getting hair and scratches on your couch.

    Can dog beds be washed?

    Yes - all of our dog beds and the removable cushions are machine washable at 30°. Keeping your pet’s sleeping space clean from hair and dirt is essential to having a healthy dog. A machine washable dog bed is also useful if you plan to take your dog camping or adventuring outdoors.

    How dog beds are made

    Our Kensington and Hammersmith Stonewashed Nest Beds are made of premium quality upholstery fabric - polyester / cotton mix with real vegetable tanned Italian leather trims.

    The rest of the stonewashed and country nest beds are made of premium quality upholstery fabric - 100% polyester with real vegetable tanned Italian leather trims.

    All cushions are filled with polyester fibre.

    What dog bed is best for my dog?

    To determine the best type of bed for your dog, watch your furry friend when they are sleeping and take note of their position. Our nest beds are perfect for dogs who like to curl up and feel protected from drafts while they sleep. They are also the preferred option for hairless or cold-natured dogs who need some extra padding to keep warm.

    If your dog prefers to stretch out and keep cool, choose a pillow or cushion bed instead. These are also ideal for smaller or slightly older dogs who find climbing into a bed difficult. The size and shape of a pillow dog bed allows your furry friend to choose which way they want to sleep, and doubles as a comfortable cushion on which they sprawl as they focus on a chew toy.

    All our beds are made with top grade upholstery fabric that is extremely tough and hard wearing, plus are packed full of virgin fibre to encourage a healthy sleeping position. Fibre filling is also perfect for pooches who like to shuffle around and shape the dog bed to their tastes.

    What is the best dog bed for older dogs?

    Older dogs, as well as canines with joint problems or other aches, would be most comfortable in a dog bed they can easily get in and out of, such as a cushion bed. You can also invest in a memory foam or orthopaedic bed to give your furry friend an extra boost of support.

    Why choose raised/elevated dog beds?

    A raised dog bed would perfectly suit your fluffy friend if they like to keep a close eye on their environment. Essentially a dog sofa elevated on a frame, these dog beds give your pet a great vantage point while also keeping them off the cold floor.

    What size bed is best for my dog’s breed?

    When it comes to choosing the right size bed for your dog, the key thing to consider is whether it’s large enough for your pet to settle in comfortably. In other words, can they fit both curled up and stretched out?

    If you’re selecting the nest bed size - please take note of the sleeping area measurements. This is the size available for your dog to curl or stretch out.

    What are the best dog beds for small and medium breeds?

    Having a dog that’s on the petite side gives you a lot of flexibility when you are selecting the size of their bed, as they would fit almost everywhere. However, take care to choose a dog bed that’s proportionate to your pet – if the bed is too big, your tiny pooch may feel insecure or chilly.

    What are the best dog beds for labs and other large breeds?

    Quality dog beds for larger dogs are harder to find, and usually don’t offer as much variety. Thick, less restrictive options such as a pillow bed are an excellent choice. They provide plenty of cushioning against the floor, don’t flatten as easily and allow plenty of room for your big boy or girl to get cosy.

    Dog beds and interior design

    The wide range of dog beds we offer allows you to coordinate the design of your pet’s lounge with the overall décor of your home. If you have a leather sofa, for example, choose a leather pillow bed to match. Patterned or coloured dog beds can be coordinated with other textiles in the room, such as curtains, pillows and throws, or act as a pop of texture and colour to a neutral setting. 

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