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Size Guide

Size Guide

Dog Beds

For dogs who like to curl up and feel protected, our nest beds are perfect. 


When choosing the nest bed size - please take note of the sleeping area measurements. This is the size available for your dog to curl or stretch out.


For dogs who like to stretch out, or for those slightly older or smaller, that find climbing into a bed difficult - our pillow beds are are ideal. 


All beds are made with top grade upholstery fabric that is extremely tough and hard wearing, plus are packed full of virgin fibre to encourage a healthy sleeping position. 


Nest Beds: 


XSmall | 50cm x 40cm x 18cm (Sleeping space: 30cm x 25cm) | Toy Breeds, Puppies


Small | 63cm x 50cm x 20cm (Sleeping space: 40cm x 30cm) | Border Terrier, Miniature Dachshund, Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua


Medium | 70cm x 60cm x 25cm (Sleeping space: 45cm x 40cm) | Cavalier King Charles, Pug, French Bulldog, West Highland Terrier


Large | 85cm x 70cm x 25cm (Sleeping space: 50cm x 46cm) | Springer Spaniel, Cockerpoo, Beagle, Staffordshire Terrier, Cocker Spaniel


XLarge | 100cm x 85cm x 25cm (Sleeping space: 70cm x 60cm) | Golden Retriever, Visla, German Shepherd, Labrador


Pillow Beds: 


Medium | 100cm 65cm 20cm | Springer Spaniel, Beagle, Staffordshire Terrier


Large | 120cm 80cm 20cm | Labrador, Dalmatian, German Shepherd, Huskie, Great Dane

Dog Collars

We have a variety of dog collars to suit various size breeds. Please take care to read the descriptions to avoid any disappointment.


Measure your dogs neck.


Our collars have 3 measurements 1) the full length of the collar from end to end 2) the width 3) the neck size suitable.


Please select the size of the collar that fits your dogs neck size.




Here's a breakdown of our collar styles: 



Double Leather and Nubuck Leather Collars: 


Size 30 W: 1.5cm : To fit neck size 20 - 26cm


Size 40 W: 2cm : To fit neck size 30 - 36cm


Size 50 W: 3cm : To fit neck size 39 - 45cm


Size 60 W: 4cm : To fit neck size 47 - 54cm



Fabric & Leather Collars: 


Size 30 (w 2cm) | To fit neck size 18cm - 24cm


Size 35 (w 2cm) | To fit neck size 22cm - 28cm


Size 40 (w 2cm) | To fit neck size 27cm - 33cm


Size 45 (w 2cm) | To fit neck size 32cm - 38cm


Size 50 (w 2.5cm) | To fit neck size 34cm - 42cm


Size 55 (w 2.5cm) | To fit neck size 38cm - 46cm


Size 60 (w 2.5cm) | To fit neck size 43cm - 51cm




If you have any queries on which size is right, please email us: and we'll get back to you within 1 working day. 

What makes our dog beds so special?

We use only the finest local materials including upholstery grade fabric, virgin fibre and vegetable tanned leather. We take responsibility for the impact our products and actions have on the environment. Our dog beds are eco friendly and sustainable, featuring recycled ocean plastics and ethically sourced Italian leather.