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Article: Must-Haves for New Puppy Parents in 2024

Must-Haves for New Puppy Parents in 2024
2024 must haves

Must-Haves for New Puppy Parents in 2024

There has been a rise of new accessories in the pet space, each promising to improve you and your dog’s lives. With so many new products, it can be hard to know what is essential and where to find the gems that truly deliver. 

Fear not, as we've done the digging and uncovered the top must-have items for your pet in 2024. In this blog, we narrowed it down to 3 must-have items for your dog or puppy, that pack a punch in quality and functionality, and deliver what they promise. 

  1. Elevate Their Sleep with a Luxury Dog Bed: The Crown Jewel of Comfort

Finally, we come to the crown jewel of canine comfort, their dog bed. How often should you replace your dog’s bed? Experts recommend upgrading every two to three years, depending on the size of your dog and the quality of their bed. 

Over time, even with regular maintenance, dog beds can harbour germs and bacteria, impacting your pup's health and comfort. But finding the perfect dog bed for your dog can be confusing. 

The key to choosing the right bed for your dog is based on various factors, including their size and preferred sleeping position. 

At Ralph & Co, we understand that every dog is unique, just like their sleeping preferences. That's why we've curated a collection of beds to cater to every sleep style, ensuring your furry friend sleeps in unparalleled comfort and style. 

Explore our range of luxury dog beds to find the perfect match for your pet. Because when it comes to a good night's sleep, every dog deserves the lap of luxury.

  1. Unlock Their Brilliance with Enrichment Toys for Mental Agility

More of us than ever are learning the importance of enrichment toys and feeding bowls, the secret sauce to keeping your pup engaged and mentally sharp all year long. 

There are many new innovative toys designed to challenge your dog’s problem solving skills and provide hours of entertainment. Many can be frozen and you can vary the toppings based on your dog’s preferences. 

Whether it's a puzzle feeder that dispenses treats as they solve it or a slow feeder bowl that promotes healthier eating habits, enrichment toys are a win-win for both mental stimulation and extending the fun of mealtimes. 

Our favourite enrichment toy? The Aquapaw Slow Treater, designed to make bathtime a breeze with super sticky suction cups to enable the mat to stick to any smooth surface - like the edge of the bath. This product provides excellent entertainment for your dog and helps to distract them during what can sometimes be a stressful grooming experience.

  1. Safety First, Style Always: Discover Durable Collars and Leads!

A sturdy collar and lead is more than just an accessory - they're essential tools for your dog's safety and your peace of mind when out of the house. 

Invest in a durable set that can withstand their daily escapades, whether it's exploring the neighbourhood or mastering new tricks at the park. Look out for double leather for durability in all weathers, and don’t compromise on quality. 

All our collars and leads are made from premium materials, including ethically sourced Italian leather and for the stylish pups, we’ve got you covered with matching collar and lead sets. 

Don't forget to attach a reflective or LED tag to their collar for those evening strolls.


How to choose the right dog bed for your dog's preferred sleeping position

Choosing the perfect luxury dog bed to match their sleeping position

Have you ever wondered what your pup's favourite sleeping position says about their comfort needs? Join us on a journey through the delightful world of dog sleeping positions and discover the ideal bed to match each pose.

For dogs that like to curl up, we suggest a nest bed

The Classic Curl-Up

Ah, the classic curl-up, a timeless pose that warms our hearts. In this position, your dog tucks their paws beneath their body, creating a cosy little ball of fur. This pose is not only adorable but also helps dogs conserve body heat. 

For our curling companions, we have a collection of calming dog beds featuring plush, supportive walls that offer the perfect sanctuary for pets with anxiety. The raised edges provide a sense of security, mimicking the comfort of snuggling against a warm body.

For belly up dreamers, we suggest a pillow bed.

The Belly-Up Bliss

Ah, the belly-up bliss—a sign of trust and contentment. When your dog flops onto their back, exposing their belly to the world, it's a heart warming display of comfort and security. Dogs who favour this pose often seek coolness and freedom of movement. 

Choose a flat, cushioned mattress-style pillow bed that allows them to sprawl without restriction. Look for breathable fabrics to keep them cool during those belly-up snoozes.

For leaners, we suggest a nest bed.

The Lean and Laze

Some dogs have mastered the art of the lean and laze, resting against a nearby surface for support while lounging. This pose is especially common in breeds known for their strong bonds with their humans. 

For our leaners, a nest bed offers the best of both worlds. The raised edge provides a gentle lean-to support, with all the orthopaedic support needed for those perfect moments of lazy lounging around at home. 

Tried and tested by dogs and puppies, this bed provides long-term comfort and orthopaedic support to ensure your dog gets a restful sleep every time.

For sprawlers, we suggest a pillow bed.

The Sprawl and Stretch

Picture your dog stretched out to their fullest, with limbs sprawled in every direction, this is the sprawl and stretch. Dogs who prefer this pose often enjoy freedom of movement while basking in comfort. 

A pillow bed with ample surface area accommodates this sleeping style beautifully. Look for beds with cushioned support to cradle every stretch and turn, providing the ultimate relaxation.

For lap dogs, we suggest a luxury travel blanket.

The Cuddle Companion

Last but certainly not least, we have the cuddle companion—the dog who seeks the warmth of human contact during sleep. Whether nestled against your side or sharing your pillow, these pups crave closeness.

For our cuddle bugs, we recommend purchasing a luxury blanket that acts as a soft, cosy place for your dog to settle wherever it is set down. Training your dog to associate their travel blanket with sleep through positive reinforcement and regularity will make this an ideal option for cuddly lapdogs. 

A dog bed may not be your dog’s preferred spot to rest, so a blanket offers the perfect solution, cosy enough to nap wherever, with premium upholstery fabric to ensure durability for years to come. Perfect for adventures outside the home, as a protector between muddy paws and your car seats or public transportation, these blankets are designed for easy cleaning on a 30˚C machine wash cycle.


There you have it, folks! The top 3 must-have dog products of 2024, handpicked to deliver on their promises without the fluff. 

Enhance your pup's life with these essential items, and here's to a year filled with wagging tails, happy adventures, and products that truly make a difference in your dog's world.

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