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Article: Road Trip Ready: Essential Gear to Keep Your Dog Safe in the Car

Road Trip Ready: Essential Gear to Keep Your Dog Safe in the Car

Road Trip Ready: Essential Gear to Keep Your Dog Safe in the Car

Whether it’s a short trip or a longer one, it’s important to prioritise your dog’s safety when in the car. In this blog, we want to help make the journey more fun for you and your dog, with tips to get them to settle and essential car safety advice for your next road trip.

Fur-tastic Adventures: Practical Advice for Road Trips Together

Firstly, let’s talk safety, whether your dog sits on a car seat or in the boot, we recommend using a safety harness or seatbelt to safely secure your dog in the vehicle, and placing their bed inside of a crate to protect them in the unlikely event of an accident.

As well as keeping the distraction to a minimum so you can focus on the road, crates can provide extra protection to your dog in an accident. Harnesses are great for keeping your dog in the back seat, but they won’t provide any shelter for your pup should you get into a collision. If your dog is in a crate, they have a better chance of surviving and avoiding injury in an accident.

Car journeys can quickly become messy, especially if your dog finds themselves feeling unwell on long trips. When travelling with your dog, look out for symptoms of anxiety like heavy panting, crying, shaking, shedding, and gastrointestinal upset. If you see these signs, pull over and get your dog some fresh air. 

Some days you won’t be able to pull over in time, and it may pay to have invested in a washable dog bed to help make road trips a breeze. Even if your dog is not prone to motion sickness, a dog bed made from good quality fabric can help to soothe their nerves in the car by giving them a cosy place to relax. The comfier their bed is, the more likely they are to curl up and rest.

Our new collection of nest beds and pillow beds feature a removable cover to make washing and drying your dog’s bed simpler than ever. We believe a new dog bed isn't just a purchase - it's an investment in your dog's happiness and well-being during car journeys.


Cosy Cruising: Finding the Perfect Car Bed for Your Car

When selecting a dog bed, take measurements to determine whether it will fit snugly in the seat or space you have designated as your dog’s spot on car trips.

Ensure your pet has room to turn around and get comfortable on long drives, without sliding around the backseat at every turn. To ensure their comfort, consider investing in a calming dog bed designed to naturally lower your dog’s anxiety.

Many of our pets have a difficult time relaxing in the car, due to the anticipation of where they might be going. Dogs who do not travel in the car often, or those that have grown to associate going to the vet with being in the car, can find it more difficult to calm down.

Don’t forget that our dogs experience the world very differently than we do. The noise of the motorway and the hum of the engine can be overwhelming for dogs who have much better hearing than we do. 

Experts suggest packing a blanket or toy that smells like home to help soothe your dog, and give them a distraction in the form of something familiar during their time in the car. 

If you frequently travel with your dog, you will want to find a bed that fits easily into your car.

Nest beds are designed to fit snugly into most vehicles and most have sturdy sides to leave your dog feeling snug. 

For larger breeds or those that prefer the boot of the car, you might find the pillow bed is a better option for keeping your dog comfortable throughout the journey.

Buckle Up Your Best Friend: The ABCs of Canine Car Safety

Next, consider how you will safely secure your dog in the seat while in motion. 

For a bed to be considered safe for car use, you must be able to attach a seatbelt onto their harness whilst on the move. There are plenty of options available on the market, so it’s worth finding the right fit for your dog, as this could save their life.

For bigger cars, and for nervous dogs, you might want to consider fitting a crate into the vehicle to provide your dog with extra security. If you plan for your dog to be crated during the journey, a soft and cushioned dog bed is essential to ensure your pet has a comfortable journey. 

Be sure to research dog crates by size, to be sure it will fit in your vehicle. An enclosed dog bed creates a safe den-like environment for your pet to relax, but the addition of a luxury travel blanket can add that extra touch of security.

Think of your ABC’s before every road trip with your dog:

  • Adventure Safely - securely fasten their seatbelt before you head off on your journey.
  • Bedtime Bliss - choose a good quality dog bed that is easy to keep clean, to provide your dog with supreme comfort. Use familiar toys and blankets to help them settle in the car.
  • Crate Training - while on the road, you can never be certain what other drivers might do. Crate training your pup for car trips can be the difference between life or death. If in doubt, place their bed into their crate and securely fasten this to the vehicle to protect them in case of an accident.

With this helpful guide, we hope you are ready to embark on plenty of safe road trips with your dog this year. As the weather improves and more of us hit the road for holidays and adventures with our pets, it’s crucial that safety is prioritised for the wellbeing of your dog, as well as the safety of other road users.

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