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Article: 5 Spring/Summer interior trends for 2021

5 Spring/Summer interior trends for 2021

5 Spring/Summer interior trends for 2021

After a long year of being cooped up in our homes, now more than ever we recognise the importance of having a space that feels your own. 

This year's spring summer interior trends prioritise creating a calming and comfortable space, with neutral tones and natural materials. 

Here are our top SS21 interior trends to incorporate into your home. 

Earth tones

Blue Rayleigh Nest Bed

As for colours, earth tones are a must in your home this summer. Using warm-toned, natural hues can bring a room back to nature. Using calming and neutral tones also creates a cozy and comforting vibe in your home. 

Opting for earth tones on your walls and floors means you can furnish your house with a range of complimentary colours. Neutral colours are a great base for bright shades of blue and sage green. 

Try pairing our blue Rayleigh Nest Bed with a neutral interior style to create a stylish pop of colour. 

Houseplants, houseplants and more houseplants

Houseplants have become a staple interior feature over the past year, as they brought a little bit of the outside in while we were stuck indoors. However, our love for our plant-babies doesn’t seem to be dwindling and the interior trend is definitely here to stay. 

Unlike our fur babies, they don’t need walking twice a day, but you can read simple care guides online to provide tips on how often to water them and how much light they need. While they can’t give you their paw, houseplants will still repay you with purified air and a sense of calm. 


Cottagecore is the interior trend that continues to dominate social media feeds, and the hashtag #cottagecore has 1.9 million posts on Instagram!

Cottagecore is all about creating a simplistic, nostalgic and rustic country-style in your home. 

Cottagecore is best executed in period properties or quaint cottages with traditional features like exposed beams and vintage floors. However, you can still bring cottagecore vibes to your modern apartment or new build home. 

Choose soft furnishings that replicate the cosiness of visits to your grandparents house as a child. Combine, comfortable decor with 50s floral patterns and colours, full-length curtains with wooden poles and statement, vintage pieces of furniture. 

Natural fabrics

Natural statement interior pieces are a great way to create a chic, bohemian feel in your home. Pairing wicker, rattan and wooden items in modern rooms, gives your home a subtle retro, 70s vibe. 

Try styling your houseplants in large wooden planters, or covering your ceiling lights with large rattan shades. Statement wicker mirrors, lamp shades or even items of furniture are also a good way to incorporate natural fabrics within your room. 

Our Lincoln Nest Bed is the perfect soft furnishing to compliment the natural fabrics in your home. 

Colour pop prints

Switching up your prints or wall art is an easy way to introduce pops of colour into your home.

Monochrome, abstract prints are beginning to make way for more seasonal, light and bright art pieces. Lining your walls with pops of bright contrasting colours, or subtle pastels creates a fun and fresh summer vibe. 

Once you begin to brighten up your prints, you can introduce bright furnishings to compliment your new colour palette. Pair our blue Rayleigh collection with some colour pop wall art from the Desenio collection to brighten up any room. 

Which interior trend will you be introducing to your home? Let us know! 

Ralph & Co. Team

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