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Article: Dog friendly activities for the weekend

Dog friendly activities for the weekend

Dog friendly activities for the weekend

As lockdown restrictions ease across the UK, here are a few ways you can make the most of your new found freedom and get back out with your pup safely - come rain or shine. 

Take your pup to a dog-friendly beer garden

With outdoor hospitality open across the country, why not bring your dog along to a pup-friendly pub garden or restaurant terrace?

Whether you’re heading out to socialise with friends, or off for a spot of lunch with your household - choosing a garden that welcomes dogs means your four legged companion can join in on the fun too. 

Most bars will request you keep your dog on the lead so make sure to bring some treats or toys to keep your dog entertained and stimulated. Pack an interactive treat ball full of your dog’s favourite snack and they’ll be occupied for hours. 

Make the most of nature

Use the weekend to refresh and recharge by immersing yourself in nature. Head out to your nearest National Park or nature trail and make the most of time spent outdoors. 

Make sure you check out the rules on dogs before you arrive. When visiting many public spaces in the UK, you will be required to keep your dog on its lead. 

Get out for some exercise

Even if you don’t manage to get to a beautiful nature spot, you can still make it an active weekend with your dog. If a healthy break from work is more your thing, why not use the extra time to exercise with your dog. 

Head out for a jog or power walk to make sure you, and your dog, are getting your daily steps in.

Dachschund walking on a beach

Head to a dog-friendly beach

If you’re lucky enough to live near the cost, taking your dog for a beachside stroll can be a rewarding experience for you both. 

Enjoy the sea breeze and coastal views, while giving your dog the chance to stretch its legs or even take a swim.

Before heading to any beach with your furry friend, do your research to ensure it’s dog-friendly. Some beaches only allow dogs to visit outside of the peak season, so be sure your information is up to date. Head to The Beach Guide, for a list of dog friendly beaches in each region. 

Test out your baking skills with some dog themed cooking

What better way to treat your dog, than with freshly-baked, dog-appropriate cakes?

There are lots of recipes online for dog-friendly cake recipes, without all of the sugar and dairy in a typical cake. 

You can even create a buttercream frosting effect, by whipping up some mashed potatoes for the icing. All that’s left to do is decorate it with your dog’s favourite treats and Voila - a bank holiday that your furry friend won’t forget!

What are your tips for the weekend? Let us know! 

Ralph & Co. Team

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