Bring Autumn into your home with these interior trends

Despite a sunny September, now we’ve reached October, it’s finally time to let go of summer. With it, goes the Spring/Summer interior trends that featured lots of bright colours, bold prints and tropical patterns. Instead, as we move into Autumn, deep shades and rustic furniture is in. 

In this blog, we’ll let you know how you can begin introducing Autumn looks into your home, without completely redecorating. 

Make your home a woodland wonderland 

Get your house ready for the colder seasons by introducing a woodland feel to your home. Think deep, earthy tones, soft abstract patterns and lots of plants. 

Nature-inspired interiors are perfect as we approach the winter as it allows homeowners to bring the outside in (but without the biting cold that goes with it).

To recreate this luxe forest glam in your own home, you could give a few walls a makeover with a new shade of paint. Opt for dark olive greens or deep teal shades to ensure your home still feels cosy and calming. 

Pair these earthy tones with velvet furnishings, marble surfaces and a few gold details to add a chic touch to the woodland look. 

The most important feature of a nature-inspired decor is lots of plants, of course. Pack your shelves, surfaces and empty floor space with plants of all sizes. If you struggle to keep your plants healthy, try getting some faux foliage instead. 

Complete your woodland wonderland with our green Richmond Nest Bed - it’s the perfect soft furnishing to pair with earthy, natural tones.

Begin introducing some rustic scandi vibes

If a fairytale forest isn’t your style and you prefer neutral decor, another A/W21 interior style may be more to your taste. Rustic scandi is a combination of industrial and Scandinavian styles. It’s  typically paired with neutral colours, exposed brick walls, reclaimed wood, dark metal or brass finishings. 

You can start introducing rustic scandi pieces to your home, without having to completely redecorate too. 

If you like a project and want to try your hand at some DIY, try taking existing pieces of wood furniture and replacing the handles or legs with black metal alternatives to give your furniture a real industrial feel. 

To quickly create a rustic scandi vibe in your home without any serious effort, you can start by carefully pairing items of different materials. For example, if you have a wood side table, or dining room table, decorate this with brass or metal candle stick or vase. 

Make it dazzle

One of the big noticeable changes about the season, besides the drop in temperature, is that before you know it, it’s pitch black by the end of the working day. Not only does this make walking the dog a little more challenging (it might be time to invest in a light up collar), but it can make your house feel very dim without the right lighting. 

Lighting is a great way to set the ambiance in a room and create a relaxed atmosphere throughout your home. 

In order to create a cosy feel, instead of having all of your lights blazing, instead opt for warm lamps, candles or even a faux fireplace. 

One of the big interior trends to watch in the colder seasons is sophisticated glam. Inspired by the likes of Mayfair or Hollywood style, it involves styling bold, luxury pieces with simple decor. And, there’s no better way to introduce this style into your home than with some snazzy lighting. 

Introduce a gold or metallic lamp stand with a neutral coloured shade to give any room a pop of elegance. 

Double up on the soft furnishings

With the cold evenings and shorter daylight hours, it can be tempting to get curled up on the sofa with a cup of hot choc from 5pm until bedtime. So, with cosy evenings in being the season’s new going out-out, extra soft furnishings are a must. 

Chunky knit throws for your sofa, and extra cushions for your bedroom will increase the comfort levels in your relaxation spaces. 

If having a hot bubble bath after a long day is your idea of bliss, make sure you invest in a cushioned bath matt and some extra large bath towels. 

Don’t leave your furry friend out of this one either. Our Nest Beds are perfect for the Autumnal months. Netflix nights aren’t complete without a cosy bed for your dog to curl up in. 

What's your favourite interior trend this Autumn? Let us know!

Ralph & Co. Team

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