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Article: Finding the right dog bed for your pet…

Finding the right dog bed for your pet…

Finding the right dog bed for your pet…

We all know our dogs are more than just a pet, they’re a friend and friends don’t let friends be uncomfortable. Finding the right dog bed for your breed can be difficult with so many options on the market, so we put together a list of our favourite beds, specific to some of the nation’s favourite breeds.  


chihuahua on garden bench

The Herringbone Lincoln Nest Bed comes in a range of sizes, and the size S is perfect for little dogs like Chihuahuas. The luxurious and super soft faux fur fabric is excellent at keeping even the most shivery of pups feeling safe and warm. 



wire haired dachshund on grass

The Chenille Sherbourne Nest Bed in size S is great for a Dachshund. A breed known for their love of burrowing, this bed has a detachable pillow to ensure easy cleaning, which also serves as the perfect cover for your favourite little burrower. Best of all? It comes with extra padding to support their long, fragile spines.  

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

staffy in the forest

For the nation’s most lovable dog, we recommend a size M in the Chenille Rayleigh Pillow Bed, with its durable yet soft machine washable fabric, it makes the perfect resting place for high-energy dogs. The mattress design also helps cool air circulate, protecting energetic pups from overheating. 



cockapoo on the beach

Cockapoos are intelligent and inquisitive, and the Chenille Dalton Pillow Dog Bed in size M is perfect for these busy pooches to sit and watch their owner's every move. It’s made using the finest chenille upholstery fabric and our customers love it! 



english cocker spaniel under a blanket

Spaniels are wonderful little dogs with bags of character, and there’s no reason why their bed shouldn’t be as lovely as they are. For spaniels, the Sherbourne Nest Bed in size L offers comfort and style, without compromising practicality. The beds corners and cushion make an ideal spot to hide treats and keep your clever pup busy.



labrador at the park

The Rayleigh Luxury Pillow Bed in size L is an excellent choice for a Labrador. Durable and easy to clean, this bed is tough enough to handle the day-to-day of big muddy paws, whilst providing a tasteful pop of taupe, designed to complement your interior’s existing colour scheme. 


lurcher smiling

The Richmond Pillow Stonewash Dog Bed in L is perfect size for big dogs like the Greyhound, it has plenty of room for them to stretch out but also an additional layer of good quality polyester fibre filling to ensure a warm and comfortable spot for boney bodies to rest on hard flooring.


Golden Retriever

golden retriever with a bone

Last but not least, the ever lovable Golden Retriever. A breed that values comfort, yet is easy-going enough to make a bed out of your dirty laundry, the Herringbone Balmoral Nest Bed in XL is a match made in heaven. Named as the best dog bed for large dogs in the Independent’s 15 best dog beds to keep your four-legged friend comfy and cosy, we trust that both you and your Golden will be very happy with this purchase.

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