Four Canine Trends for 2019: From Leather Dog Beds and Fancy Dishware to Innovative Tech

It may no longer be the Chinese year of the Dog, but 2019 has a lot of exciting things in store for dogs and their owners. Especially since dog owners are proving to be one of the biggest consumers at the moment. Retailers across various industries are reacting and creating new and exciting products, tailored for different canine and pet owners needs.

This year, think beyond just generic bright colours and paw prints in accessories. You can now find a choice of luxury pet furnishings that blend in seamlessly with the rest of the house, to functional accessories and apps developed to make the life of dog parents easier. The market is flooded with choices, each unique and full of character.

We selected a few of our favourite 2019 dog lifestyle trends below:

‘Just enough’

Some of you may have heard of Hygge – The Danish art of cosiness and comfortable conviviality, that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being during the colder months. The new buzzword for 2019 is the Swedish word ‘lagom’ – meaning 'Just the right amount'. It promotes functionality and moderation in just the right doses. This can apply to your dog accessories – why not swap their old collar for a stylishly simple leather leash – it will give your furry friend new street cred (catching the eye of other admiring dog owners) plus last an age! Or pick up one of our luxury dog blankets that will give that extra layer of comfort and cosiness.

Dishy dog cutlery

Fair enough, this is more for your enjoyment than your pet’s, but just go with it! Why limit yourself to only buying good dishes for yourself and guests? The market is now filled with a variety of fun and sophisticated options for your beloved dog – from colourful bowls for playful good boys, to luxurious designs for the refined canine.

Sensationally smart tech

When it comes to technological innovation, the world of dog lifestyle products once again mirrors the one of humans. Canine tech is now capable of doing all sorts of extraordinary things – from monitoring how active your doggie is to helping you with training tips and even allowing you to feed them remotely!

The ultimate canine-centred tech to look out for though is the noise-cancelling technology that keeps pets calm during events that could otherwise be traumatic, like firework displays. Now that’s something both pet owners and their furry friends would love, paws down!


Treat your canine to a stylish 'lagom' leather dog collar. Or go 'hygge’ with a cosy dog blanket or an adorable tweed bone toy? Check out our full online store for trendy dog goodies!

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