Spring Home Trends to Revitalise Your Space

It's time to shake off the winter blues, it's time to refresh our homes with the vibrant energy of spring! In this blog, we explore the latest trends in interior design, with tips to bring the outdoors in using botanical accents and embracing cheerful colour palettes.

Get ready to breathe new life into your space as we uncover the top trends in home decor for spring 2024.

Collie sits in waterproof Windsor dog bed

Spring Trends 2024

1. Embracing the season with a spring de-clutter

All good things first begin with a big clear out. Before you go shopping for any new interior decorations, sort through what you already own. Consider what you really love and want to keep, and donate the rest.

Letting go of things you no longer need also makes for an easier spring clean. Once your home is decluttered to your satisfaction, Use non-toxic, pet-safe cleaning products to give your space a clean, fresh feel without harming your pets.

Don’t forget about your dog’s area either. Give their bowls and bed a thorough clean as we enter spring. A dirty bed not only harbours unpleasant odours but can also trigger allergies and skin irritations in your pet. Find out more about keeping a Ralph & Co dog bed clean.

2. Invite colour in with spring florals

Never underestimate the impact of a beautiful vase of fresh flowers which are in season blooming on your kitchen counter or fireplace mantel. Simple touches can brighten your home, and add beautiful scents which can naturally brighten and uplift your mind. 

Be sure to check whether a plant or flower is toxic to dogs (and any other pets), before you bring them home. Rosemary is not only a flavourful herb that you can use when cooking, it’s also non-toxic to pets. Plus, it adds a delightful fragrance to your home.

There are plenty of plants that are safe for dogs and they take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen during this process, which helps to purify the air. Adding plants to an office space can naturally improve your concentration.

3. Lighten up your textiles for a clean, fresh look

Blankets often serve dual purposes in interior design. They provide comfort and warmth, making a space feel more inviting and cosy. They also serve as a way to add a tasteful splash of colour to your living space.

Our new luxury blanket collection features Herringbone fabric and soft and fluffy faux fur in two neutral colour options, and serves as the perfect protection from muddy paws for your sofa.

4. Energised pastels 

Last year, we saw households moving even further away from minimalism, and choosing pastels to brighten simple spaces. This year, the interest in slow living spaces has continued to grow, with more and more families looking at how their home can work for them.

Add a pop of colour to your wall or shelving with some pastels, whether that be through artwork or bookends. Springtime is a state of mind, and featuring the right colours in your home can complement your existing interior design.

5. Sustainable design trends

There’s more to spring than refreshing your interior space, shop sustainably for products that are made with quality materials, that don’t harm the planet. Predicted trends in 2024 include the continued rise of vintage and upcycled furniture, and embracing natural materials, such as wood, bamboo, and cork.

Golden retriever lying down on a Balmoral pillow bed

Elevate Their Comfort: Is it time to upgrade your dog's bed?

While spring cleaning your dog's space, it's crucial to assess whether their current bed is still providing the support and comfort they need for restful sleep. Just like us, dogs' bodies change over time, and their bed should evolve to meet their needs. An inadequate bed can lead to joint pain, discomfort, and even contribute to the development of health conditions. If you notice signs of wear or if your dog seems restless during sleep, it might be time to consider an upgrade.

All our dog beds offer premium orthopaedic support for your dog, designed to prevent and manage painful health conditions like arthritis. Best of all, they are packed with fibres made from recycled ocean plastics, making them a good investment for your home.

Little black dog sits in blue Hampton nest bed

Five Tips for Finding the Perfect Fit: A Guide to Choosing the Right Size Dog Bed for Your Pup

  • Consider Their Sleeping Habits: Does your dog sprawl out luxuriously or prefer to curl up in a cosy ball? Their sleeping style will influence the type of bed they'll find most comfortable. For stretchers, opt for a larger, rectangular bed with ample space, like a pillow bed. If they love to nest and curl up, a nest bed with raised edges can provide a sense of security.

  • Factor in Growth and Weight: If you have a puppy or a younger dog, consider their potential growth when selecting a bed size. You want to choose a bed that will accommodate their adult size comfortably. Additionally, take into account your dog's weight. A heavier dog will need a bed with more support to prevent sagging and ensure durability.

  • Material Matters: The material of the bed can greatly impact your dog's comfort. Look for beds with orthopaedic support if your dog is older or has joint issues. These provide excellent cushioning and promote proper alignment of the spine. For warmer seasons or dogs prone to overheating, consider beds with breathable fabrics, or are close to the floor like a pillow bed.

  • Ease of Cleaning: Let's face it—dogs can be messy. Our contemporary collection now features a removable, machine-washable cover for easy cleaning. This ensures that your dog's sleeping area stays fresh and hygienic, contributing to their overall health and wellbeing.

Investing in a high-quality, properly sized bed is a gift to your dog that they will surely appreciate, making their springtime lounging even more delightful. Here's to a season of tail wags, sunny naps, and endless adventures.

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