Spring interior trends to try in your home

Spring is on it’s way! Although you may not think it, the trees are beginning to bloom once more. 

Not only does the start of the season signify a move to warmer weather and longer days, but we see a big shift in trends from winter neutrals, to lighter and brighter interior styles. 

Here are some top trends to introduce into your home this spring. 

Pastels and brights

The neutral, brown tones of winter are out, instead consider packing your home with plenty of colour. Mint greens, blush pinks, sunny yellows or even powder blues are forecast to be popular choices this year.

Colour can be introduced into your home without completely redecorating. Add wall art, candles, vases and soft furnishings such as pillows or throws in a bright colour that compliments your current interior style. You could even try introducing a feature wall, with a slightly brighter colour of paint, or perhaps a floral wallpaper. 

Our Rayleigh beds are the perfect accessory to add a subtle pop of colour to a classy, neutral interior.

Dogs on blue Rayleigh Ralph and Co bed

Sustainable, vintage accessories 

Now, more than ever before, we’re thinking about the impact of our purchases, and where we can, opting for more sustainable alternatives. Luckily, sustainable vintage pieces are in this season. 

Rather than buying new, why not look for a more classic, recycled piece? Vintage pieces such as lamps, china dinner sets, or vases and sculptures can add a real sentimental feel to any room.

But, vintage pieces are not just super stylish - giving new life to old pieces is far more sustainable than buying new. If you’re feeling extra creative, why not go the extra step and upcycle a piece of traditional furniture to stamp your own style onto it?

A pastel dinner table lay out with vintage plates


Dual purpose rooms 

The Covid pandemic changed the way we view our homes. What was once just a bedroom desk is now an office, and dining rooms across the country have become conference rooms. 

So, for our homes to meet these ever growing demands, we needed to design our interiors around this dual purpose. Install plenty of storage options, so you can pack away your books or paperwork when the work day is done. 

If you really want to separate work and pleasure, try introducing a partition to compartmentalise different spaces in your home. 

Traditional home features

New build elements like white kitchens and grey carpets are a thing of the past - instead homeowners and renters are looking to emphasise their homes traditional features. Herringbone wood floors are all the rage, authentic fireplaces are a dream for interior designers, and vintage windows and doors are having a revival. 

To add a ‘period property’ feel to your space, you could switch your flooring up for decorative tiles or wood. Alternatively, you could try your hand at some DIY home hacks by giving the viral wall panelling trick a go. 

Pay your garden some attention

Often our gardens go neglected through the winter months, especially if you have a dog. The trees become bare, foliage unrecognisable from it’s summer bloom and you may even have muddy paw prints across your patio space. 

However, as the warmer weather returns, garden parties and BBQs will be back on the menu, and you’ll want your abode to be fit for hosting. 

Invest in some grass seed to cover any unwanted patches in your lawn and begin planting fresh flowers to fill in any lifeless flower beds. 

If you want to create an Italian Riviera vibe in your garden, source some wicker furniture, some solar panelled lanterns, and even an outdoor chiminea to make your garden the envy of your friends and family. 

Dog on Ralph and Co bed in the garden

Let us know your favourite spring home interior trends!

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