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Article: Dog-friendly activities to fill the Easter Bank Holiday weekend

Dog-friendly activities to fill the Easter Bank Holiday weekend

Dog-friendly activities to fill the Easter Bank Holiday weekend

As the spring approaches, so does the flurry of bank holidays - result! So, we’ve compiled some wholesome activities that you can do with your pup on the upcoming Easter Bank Holiday weekend. From dog-friendly Easter egg hunts, egg rolling and fun the whole family can enjoy.

Go on a walk

If you’re a dog owner, this probably sounds obvious. We have to pull ourselves outside for a daily walk, no matter the weather, to keep our furry friends exercised and stimulated.

However, to mark the occasion, why not try out a new dog walking spot, or a scenic route, to break up the weekend and have a change of scenery from your usual weekend strolls?

Try your hand at egg rolling

Mark the holiday by creating a bit of fun family competition. Hard boil eggs and decorate one each using coloured pens - you’ll want to make sure your egg is recognisable. Head out with friends or family and try some egg rolling. The person that rolls their egg the furthest without breaking it, wins!

Decorating eggs for Easter

Go for a wild swim

Search for safe places to swim nearby and head out for a dip, in rain or shine. Whether you’re braving the cold April sea or a nearby lake, swimming can be a rewarding activity for you and your dog.

When wild swimming, it’s important to ensure you have all the right equipment. Invest in a dog life jacket to keep your furry friend safe while they paddle.

If you fancy giving wild swimming a go, make sure you do your research in advance. Give this Country File guide a read, to find out how to get started and the best places to go.

Springer Spaniel Dog Swimming in Life Jacket

Go on an Easter egg hunt

Nothing really screams Easter like egg based activities. Your dog can’t get involved in the usual Easter egg hunts as the chocolate is poisonous to them, but there are dog-friendly alternatives.

Head down to your local Pets at Home on the lookout for their dog-friendly Easter Eggs. They’re made from carob, which is a dog-friendly alternative to chocolate. However, they’re only suitable for adult dogs, and shouldn’t be given to puppies under 3 months.

Al Fresco Dining

In the UK, there’s never a guarantee that the weather will be on side. But, if we are lucky enough to be joined by some sun over the bank holiday weekend - eating outside is a great way to enjoy some fresh air.

Dig out a picnic blanket and your outdoor cutlery and head somewhere for a picnic. Or, if you consider yourself a whizz on the grill, why not have a BBQ - after all, there’s not much your dog will enjoy more than a spare sausage or two.

Picnic in the sun with blanket

Explore local dog-friendly castles and estates

If you’re planning an Easter day out with your dog, the National Trust has a fantastic list of dog-friendly places to visit. Filter by location to find the best pup walking spots in your region.

Some standouts include, walking around the grounds of Corfe Castle in Dorset, Following a trail along the World Heritage Site of Hadrian's Wall in Northumberland, or exploring the 480 acres estate at Chirk Castle in Wrexham.

How will you be spending the Easter Bank Holiday weekend?

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