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Article: The best eggs for dogs this Easter

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The best eggs for dogs this Easter

Easter is just around the corner, a special time to spend with our loved ones - including our pets. 

You may be hosting a nice dinner for your family, arranging an egg hunt for the kids or heading out for a dog walk to enjoy the beauties of spring. Whatever you plan to do, there’s plenty of ways to include your dog in the celebrations!

Every year the selection of Easter eggs for dogs grows, making it easier than ever for your dog to join in on the fun. 

3 australian shepherd dogs with easter bunny ears

Nowadays many people are aware that chocolate is toxic to dogs, but carob is a dog-friendly alternative that originates from trees native to the Mediterranean. It’s naturally sweet, and packed full of nutrients that are safe for your dog to eat.

There are eggs available at a variety of price points, with several affordable options on the shelves at Pets at Home such as the Woofy Easter Chocolate-Style Easter Egg currently on sale for £1.87 They even have an easter egg suitable for the cat so that no one gets left out this year.

Another affordable option we found in Pets at Home is the Egg and Treat Gift Pack which offers 110g worth of carob-y goodness for only £3.75. If your dog gravitates toward their favourite chew toy over treats, you could spoil them with a Toy and Treats Gift Pack for £5.25.

At Jollyes, you’ll find Rosewood Chocolate Easter Eggs available for under £3, an affordable gluten free option for dogs with sensitive tummies. They also stock a 45g Carob Easter Egg that is also wheat and gluten-free.

Even supermarkets are getting in on the trend this year, with Morrisons and Sainsbury’s each offering the following Webbox Easter Egg for £3.

For the most pampered of pets, there are a couple of luxury products worth a mention. DOGraze’s Chocolate Treat Bar is available for £7, with a solid dog-friendly chocolate base, decorated with yoghurt and dog treats. 

These handmade grain-free Easter themed Dog Treat Biscuit Bones are suitable for dogs of all ages and at £3.99 a bag, they’re a great choice. Their delivery fee is just £1, and if you spend over £15.00, use the code: FREED for free delivery.

If you want to try your hand at baking your own dog treats this Easter, you could try this easy
peanut butter and carrot biscuit

white dog with stuffed easter bunny toy

Don’t forget - never feed your dog Easter eggs that are made for human consumption. There are other dangers around this time of year to keep out of reach of dogs, including hot cross buns which often contain raisins, sultanas and currants, which are toxic for dogs.

Happy Easter from all of us at Ralph and Co. We hope you have had an egg-stra special time!

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