Leather Dog Collar - Trieste


From the world famous Sante Croce tanneries in Tuscany, our double leather collars are designed in Great Britain and handmade by Italian artisans. Using two pieces of the finest Italian leather available on the market, these collars are bound together seamlessly to create a beautiful smooth finish, both inside and out. Adding that extra touch of luxury and durability.

Our Trieste double leather collar is a beautiful and natural light tan leather and is available in four sizes - XS, S, M, L

All collars are made with solid brass buckles that are resistant to rust and are extremely sturdy. Matching leads are also available.

Size Guide (neck size)

  • XS: L = 30cm, W = 2cm (For neck size measuring 20-26cm)
  • S: L = 40cm, W = 2cm (For neck size measuring 30-36cm)
  • M: L = 50cm, W = 3cm (For neck size measuring 39-45cm)
  • L: L = 60cm, W = 4cm (For neck size measuring 47-54cm)

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