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Our Stylish Collars & Leads are made from ethically sourced vegetable tanned leather from the world famous Sante Croce tanneries and, where applicable, premium quality upholstery fabric. With our matching leads and poo bag holders too, you can be sure you and your pooch will look beautiful on your walk.


Size Guide

Size 30 | Toy Breeds, Small Puppies

Size 35 | Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier

Size 40 | Miniature Dachshund, Border Terrier

Size 45 | French Bulldog, Cocker Spaniel

Size 50 | Springer Spaniel, Cockapoo

Size 55 | Labrador, German Shepherd

Size 60 | Bull Mastiff, Great Dane

**Breed size is only a guide and we recommend measuring your dogs neck for an accurate fit**

How to find the right size collar

-Measure your dogs neck.

-Our collars have 3 measurements 1) Full Length 2) Width 3) The size of the neck the length will fit.

-Select the size of the collar that fits your dogs neck size.

For example:

Your dogs neck is 35cm.

Double Leather & Nubuck Collars-You will need a size 40 collar-This fits a dogs neck measuring between 34cm-40cm.

Fabric & Leather Collars-You will also need a size 40 collar-This fits a dogs neck measuring between 29cm-35cm.

How our dog collars are made

All our collars are made of ethically sourced vegetable tanned leather and, where applicable, Polyester fabric. The way leather is made for dog collars means they are well protected against the elements, and exceptionally durable.

The vegetable-tanned leather we use to make our products is still produced in Tuscany following the traditional methods, skillfully combining technology and experience to turn raw hides into durable leather.

Once we have designed the buckle and rivets for each dog collar, we trace and cut the pattern onto our high-quality leather. The inside of the collar is then lined before adding a second layer of leather and punching holes through it. Finally, we secure the collar with rivets and add the buckle on.

In addition to serving as a fashion statement and a way of identification, dog collars can also be used for training or restraint. The chief purpose of these dog collars will affect how they are made, often meaning the addition of a buckle that clips together, an O-shaped ring or adjustable straps.

What dog collar is best for your dog?

With an abundance of dog collar designs and materials readily available on the market, you might be overwhelmed by the choice when it comes to picking the best collar for your dog. There are a number of things to consider before making a purchase:

What do you want the collar to do?

The style of the dog collar will be determined by the main purpose you need it to serve. Traditional buckle collars are a great choice if you are looking for a stylish collar your furry friend can wear all the time. You would usually find this type of buckle on leather dog collars and other sturdy alternatives.

If you are looking for a collar style that can be removed effortlessly, choose the aptly named quick release buckle collars. The clip mechanism on these allows you to easily take the collar of in case it catches on something, or another dog is biting down on in.

Quick release buckle collars are a preferred option if you are shopping for a dog collar that is safe, and so are centre ring collars (dubbed safety collars). The latter are styled with a built-in O-shaped ring which keeps dogs from chocking in case they get it caught on a branch or a rock.

Finally, martingale dog collars are a great choice if you are training your dog not to pull or back out of their collar, as they give owners an extra bit of control.

Is the dog collar comfortable?

Choosing the right material dog collar is essential for ensuring it’s comfortable for your fully friend. In addition to the look and durability of the different products, consider factors such as the skin of your dog – if their skin is sensitive or prone to irritation, make sure to pick a suitable material that won’t aggravate the issue.

Fabric dog collars are a popular choice, as they allow for great flexibility when it comes to colours and designs. The pliable material of these collars is a perfect choice for dogs with daintier necks or

more sensitive coats. Fabric is also a great alternative to nylon for dog collars, as it shares many of the properties without irritating the canine’s skin.

If you’re shopping for a fabric dog collar, pick one whose buckle is reinforced with leather to ensure durability. Browse our fabric and leather collars.

The most sought after material for a dog collar, however, is undoubtedly leather. Classically elegant, leather dog collars offer unparalleled durability and will soften over time as they absorb your pet’s skin oils.

Are dog collars machine washable?

When it comes to choosing what to clean dog collars with, we usually advise that you hand wash our collars and leads or give them a wipe down and let them dry naturally.

How measure for a dog collar?

Buying a collar without taking the proper measurements can result at your dog’s collar being too loose. We offer a selection of models, ranging from dog collars for puppies and small breeds to collars that can be adjusted to suit various size breeds, we advise you find out how wide your dog’s collar needs to be before placing an order.

Collars usually have three measurements – full length, width and the size of the neck the length will fit. To ensure a comfortable fit, measure your dog’s neck and select a collar size that corresponds to your dog’s neck size.